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“I provide estate planning, trust administration and related legal services, with an eye toward helping families prepare for life's transitions, avoid elder abuse, and resolve estate, trust and financial disputes through mediation and coaching.”

Powers Law

Powers Law is a California law firm providing legal services in the areas of estate planning, trust administration, elder and related law. Powers Law also provides confidential mediation and coaching services for families who want to learn about their options, avoid costly mistakes, minimize misunderstandings and reach consensus about estate planning, trust and financial planning matters.

We help families protect and preserve harmony and wealth:

Powers Law provides a confidential safe haven for families to discuss estate, trust and financial issues. Call Powers Law before you finalize your estate plan or your financial plan or enter into a legal battle with family members.

The objective is to prevent and resolve disagreements before they get out of hand. Call Powers Law if you or your siblings are involved in protecting or dividing family assets -- before you take action that may place you at risk under recent Elder Abuse and Elder Financial Abuse laws.